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Wily Records, LLC - Located in Portland, OR

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Composer, Producer, Musician

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I produce any style of music (quickly).

I'm easy to work with. I do what you need without being a flake. No ego issues.

I have 25+ years experience performing, recording, producing, and composing music.

Pricing for Independent Productions:

Independent film projects: email me and we can discuss! I'm interested in scoring additional horror films.

Preexisting track licensing: $150/song

Recording sessions: $150/song

"Day rate": $300/day

Custom music, any genre: $300/song

Production/Consulting: $50/hr


I've been performing and recording professionally since 1995.

I've performed at over 1,000 shows - everything from playing steel pans in a hurricane to performing for the U.S. Army in Seoul.

I've engineered at several recording studios in Florida.

In 2009, I released a chiptune (video game sounding) album called 8-Bit Christmas which was featured heavily on [adult swim] for several years.

My music has popped up in short films, feature-length documentaries, TV shows like Bravo's Project Runway, TV commercials, and mobile games.

It has also been used in innovative ways such as an online interactive stageplay and as part of Aardman Animation's digital holiday greeting cards.

I've been lucky enough to perform at venues like Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and have performed in opening bands alongside artists such as:

George Benson, The Neville Brothers, Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, David Benoit, David Sanborn, and Grover Washington Jr


The goal of WILY RECORDS since 2009 is to provide a broad range of boutique music services at affordable prices.

The session players I use are nationally recognized touring and symphony musicians.

You get the product you want or you don't pay. Complete transparency during all projects.

No mind-reading. No hurt feelings if you don't like the track. All secrets kept and all media is secured.

Current Projects:


Temporary Insanity - Short - Directed by Alec Gillis (FX for Aliens, Starship Troopers)

Arcadum Music Team - Dungeons & Dragons Twitch streamer

Music for Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Set "Chadwick"


I have a sophisticated recording and performance setup including a theater room. I have a large collection of 100% LEGAL virtual instrument and sample libraries, including background foley and ambience tracks.

These are the same products used by composers such as Alan Silvestri and Danny Elfman (Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra, ProjectSAM collection, CineSamples collection).

These tools combined with session musicians and live percussion allow me to make lush and exciting scores quickly and affordably.